Monday, 2 May 2011

Today in Photos - Rain, Paint and Green Velvet

Woke up with a warm little body next to me.  Both kids slept in a bit today so 
it was a lovely way to start the day.

On the walk to school we saw lots of mushrooms and toadstools 
(one of the cool things about all this rain)
 I spent a while talking to Hamish about the difference between edible mushrooms 
and poisonous ones.  

Met Dad and Inge at the art gallery to see the Archibald
(a no photo zone so it got a bit photo quiet for a while there)
We also had lunch together yesterday and I so enjoyed seeing them.  There really isn't 
anything quite like spending time with the parental units

Walked back to the car in various levels of spitting rain.  I'm reminded once again how 
much I love photos of my feet.

I had an hour free before I had to pickup the kids so I did a bit of secondhand browsing
I found; A green velvet jacket, 2 books, an old tea caddy perfect for use as a pencil holder,
3 pairs of pants for Jack, and a red leather wallet

 Picked up Jack and realised that my darling, fumblehanded son had lost his brand new 
school jumper.  Of course I had forgotten to label it so I may as well have thrown
$20 on the ground, jumped on it a few times and run away
(Note: this is not my happy face)

Oh and did I mention that I got a few new iPhone photo apps and it has reinvigorated my photo taking :)

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