Monday, 23 May 2011

Small Things - Great Hair Days

After having the pox my hair was awful. A mixture of the anti itch stuff I had slathered on my scalp and hair loss from scratching and the actual pox, meant that my hair felt lank and completely unflattering.

Not long afterwards but just long enough that my pox had healed, I dyed my hair in an attempt to freshen it up. But unlike normal after I've dyed it my hair still felt awful. So then I asked my gorgeous friend to give it a freshen up haircut. That mixed with my new wonder product 'Argan oil' (Moroccan oil) and finally my hair is back to it's usual fairly lustrous state.

Firstly I just can't thank my gorgeous friend for the awesome cuts she does. And secondly I can't thank gorgeous friend #2 for putting me onto the Argan oil. It really is THE most amazing product in my regime. If you have dry, fly away or just basically unhealthy hair I can totally recommend giving it a try.

When I woke this morning I was feeling a bit flat and generally not myself. But after a long shower in which I washed my hair and then rubbed through some of my wonder oil, I feel far more on top of the world. Ahh it's amazing how a great hair day can change ones outlook on the day. I feel positively renewed.

Watching - I enjoyed a completely decadent 16 and pregnant marathon yesterday. Ahh theres really nothing as naughty as watching trash while drinking wine and relaxing on the lounge.

Reading - Same ole, same ole

Listening - To the kids playing in the mornings while I guiltily try and grab some extra sleep

State of mind - Compared to this morning, positively radiant

PS. I'm sure I've used this photo before on a blog post but I couldn't find it. After four years of blogging I was bound to have some repetition. :)

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