Monday, 9 May 2011

Mothers Day (Weekend)

Mothers day? Not likely! This year its been more like mother's week.  Massages from my boys and a masseuse, little notes and drawings from the boys during the lead up, and then there was the weekend.

The in-laws took the kids out for lunch on Saturday and AB and I decided to have an 'us' day in Newtown.  The weather was gorgeous and it was a perfect day for hanging around outside.  

We parked near the park, and once again I took notice of how much I love where we live.  The park was full of dogs and families picnicking, people reading and laughing.  As much as most of us city dwellers miss the backyard space we could have if we moved further out of town, the upside means that we use the green spaces around us.  I love this! AB and I talked about it and he didn't get what I was saying when I gushed over the idea that all these people, although they weren't talking to each other, were spending time in a communal way.  These green spaces seem to bring people together so that even if you were feeling lonely, you couldn't miss that you are a part of something larger. 

We stopped at a pub for a glass of wine and a cider and decided to go and look upstairs at the beer garden.  It was gorgeous up there sitting in the sun.  We sat by the windows that overlooked the street watching the world go by and decided to eat lunch.  A man who was excessively drunk for 1pm came over to chat and both of us smiled as he chatted on about weird stuff and then went off to chat to the next table.  I laughed that even sitting quietly in a pub can give you the opportunity to socialize with your community.

We left and browsed a few book shops and then wandered further up the street to get coffee from my favourite roaster.  I hardly ever go there so grabbing a takeaway and walking back to the car felt like a perfect way to end our us time.

We got home and AB took the time to wash his bike while I read my new comic books.  Some friends and their kids came over about half an hour before our kids came home and we spent the rest of the night talking while the kids played on the street.

Sunday morning arrived and it was present time.  The ring that AB bought me from the kids hadn't arrived (and it needs a whole blog post all of its own) but I was greeted with cuddles, handmade cards, another kiddie massage and the gorgeous (to me) pink and purple stripped mug that Jack picked out from the mother's day stall at school.  Bless, apparently he picked it because I love coffee and now I could have a special mug to drink it out of.  So as I ate my huzby made Eggs Benedict, I drank my coffee from my brand new mug and generally thanked the world for this amazing thing called motherhood.

(OK that's enough of the gushy post for now, but this weeks mother's day really did require some documenting :)

Reading - Kick-Ass, Coraline graphic novel and finishing the Subtle Knife reread

Watching - ummm

Listening - ummm

State of Mind - Gushy (apparently)

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