Thursday, 28 August 2008

Back from Blogger Mobile Blackout

I have submerged from the mobile blackout that blogger had imposed.  I don't know if you had noticed that most of my posts these days are from my blackberry, I just email my blogger account with any attachments and voila instant post without me having to be any where near my PC

While we were away it decided for some reason, that it wasn't going to let me post that way so it has been a bit quiet from me this week.

But it seems blogger is back and I am sure I will be able to think of a bunch of interesting bits a pieces to share, just not this minute xx


Catriona said...

I don't know: I thought Monday's "Test" was your finest post yet.

Sparse, yet elegant.

Wondering Willow said...

Smartarse :) thanks for the heads up

Catriona said...

Smartarse? Moi?

I'm pretty sure the test post only appeared today, though; I've been popping on daily and I hadn't noticed it before.

Wondering Willow said...

Well your head is very smart so I think you could bet that you bum is smarter than average as well xx

Catriona said...

That's the strangest comment I've ever read on a blog, ever.

(If it's so smart, why doesn't it get off itself and do some exercise? That's what I want to know.)

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