Wednesday, 20 August 2008

I Love Amazon

My books arrived from amazon this morning. There really is nothing more satisfying that finding a package on your doorstep early in the morning.

I had ordered;
+ Fresh Milk by Fiona Giles
+ Leading Antenatal Classes by Judith Schott
+ Not quiet what I was Planning edited by Smith magazine

The first two are for my course and I'm excited because they are so different from the other books I have read so far. The last is the compilation of the six word memoirs, which reminds me, I'm still waiting on your six word memoirs. So far i have mine (Bore two boys and found myself) Lizs (survived first 30 enjoying the rest) and Nicks (One day I'm gonna grow wings)

So come one get your butts moving and share :) mind you I'll be busy reading my new books 'grin'

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