Tuesday, 19 August 2008

I'm not going to Mt Isa

I don't know who saw this yesterday, but I am still reeling from the comments from the Mt Isa Major saying that beauty-disadvantaged women should head to Mt Isa because there are so many men they will be able to find someone willing to bonk them, well I'll let you read the exact quote but the term beauty-disadvantaged is all his.



Catriona said...

If you enjoyed that, you need to read Defamer Australia's take on this:


Whoops, that's a long URL.

Still, I do love Ausculture Jess.

Catriona said...

Okay, that looks like it didn't work, but if you copy the URL, it does work. Honest. And it's funny.

Wondering Willow said...

Haha, yep that's funny, the Hoydens did a great bit on it as well xx

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