Monday, 25 August 2008

Gale Force Wind Warnings

Yep that's right gale force wind warnings for the mid north coast (exactly where we are). The waves are huge they are churning up the beaches leaving them inaccessible, the wind so strong and bitey that we are having trouble walking in it. Did I mention torrential rain as well! We always have interesting holidays. Thank the god of inventions for beanies and gum boot, can't believe I packed our swimmers just in case.

Other interesting points are that the cabin we are staying in is freezing, it comes with this teeny heater but I've felt hair dryers that have more heat (literally). Even the dogs holiday enclosure is heated at night. Actually we spent almost twice the amount on the dogs accommodation than we spent on our own, and we put them in the cheapest/best one we could find.

To top it off we had thought that we could do a day trip to Bellingen from here, but we hadn't accounted for the hour Shoal Bay was off the motorway so it would be a 4.5 hour drive not the 3 and a bit we had estimated, to far for a day trip

Oh well a change really is as good as a holiday, and its beautiful spending some extra time with each other. The kids are loving the adventure, Andrew and I are enjoying laughing at the catastrophe that is our holiday so far.

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