Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Dying Day

I seem to always have a pile of clothes that need to be dyed, singlets that are boring, T-shirts that are stained, pants that are covered with paint and bits of my clothing that I'm just bored with.

Clothes dyes are expensive and hard to find so I don't dye the pile very often.  Yesterday I found that the chemist near here that sells little pots of dye for much less and so 'LET THE DYING BEGIN'

I brought a green and an orange, the green didn't work out so well, my skirt is cool but I added to much water and so the rest is a watery greeny grey (if I was dying over a colour) or minty (if it was over white) the orange was great, watching the first item come out a fire orange and the later ones came out much softer, plus I got creative so they have tyedyed dots and stripes or are intentionally mottled looking (truly it was intentional)

Hmm now to ransack our wardrobes and go on a dyeing spree !!!

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