Sunday, 21 September 2008

The Most Beautiful Heart

When it comes to ones children its easy to be biased.  I'd like to think that I see my childrens challenges as well as their wonders but I am undoubtedly skewed in my perception. So with my bias laid on the table for all to see I want to say that Jack has the most beautiful heart of any person, child or adult I have ever met.

At only 3 1/2 his words and actions so often show a caring and sweetness that makes my heart skip a beat, in just the last few weeks these are a few of things he has said or done

- Woke up early, jumped out of bed to go and see his dad looked back at me came back pulled the covers over my shoulder kissed me on the cheek and ran off again
- When getting himself water he often gets Hamish or I a glass as well
- Looked at me after I got out of the shower and said 'mummy your tummy is so beautiful' something he often says about my boobs as well
- When asked who is the best Dad in the world he said 'Antony but daddy you are the coolest and that's better'
- Even though he had just woken up and wanted to snuggle on the lounge with me when Hamish woke he told me that I have to go and give Hamish a cuddle and he would wait
- running past me on his way to play with his friends stops dead in his tracks says 'mum I love you heaps' and keeps running

These are just the ones that I can remember at this moment but at least once a day he does says or thinks something that makes me so amazed at the beauty in his heart. 

What a lucky mummy I am.

PS. My Hamish rave will come soon xx

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