Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Thank god for TimTams

When Andrew goes away I buy myself a packet of timtams.  Once the boys have gone to sleep and I make myself a cup of herbal tea open the packet of timtams and sit in my recliner.

I then do the timtam suck, aka the timtam slam.  I bite the left corner off one side and the right corner off the other and then using the timtam like a straw suck my tea (slightly cooled to avoid a burnt tounge) up though it and then pop the entire timtam in my mouth as it falls apart melting in a sweet goey mess.

I often complain about Andrew going away, I miss him the kids miss him and being with the kids on my own means I do all the night wakes and the early morning on my own.  The timtam suck makes it all worth while


Catriona said...

You know, you can do it with mulled wine, or buttered rum, or a hot whisky toddy instead of herbal tea. Might make the early mornings less fun, but it will take the edge of the night wakings.

Wondering Willow said...

Its comments like that that remind me why I have loved you most of my life ;) I sooo want a hot buttered rum timtam slam xx

Catriona said...

Let's face it: I just rock.

Wondering Willow said...

Yes, yes you do xx

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