Friday, 19 September 2008


Well the picture says it all really, I'm feeling sick, my throat hurts my body aches and I'm so physically tired that I feel drunk.  I had wanted to talk about the politeness of drivers or about romantic songs or about something crazy the boys did.  Unfortunately sickness has stopped my brain working.  So once I come out of my sickness veil I will endeavor to post something more interesting than a plea for sympathy


Catriona said...

It's probably the Bad Fairy, for mocking me on Facebook last week when I was sick (actually, still am).

(I am the best, most sympathetic friend in the world!)

Wondering Willow said...

Well I'm to sick for a smart comment so ill just stick my tounge out at you (cause I know your right .... Snotnose:) I'm gonna get really sick now aren't I xx

Catriona said...

Yep. You know better than to flaunt the Bad Fairy.

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