Tuesday, 23 September 2008

I Thought the Meek Inherit the Earth

After my post about Jacks heart I have been thinking what is the 'one' main thing that is wonderful about Hamish. There are loads of bits of his complicated personality that are amazing but he is a far more complexed character than Jack and its harder to pick just one, But as I thought about it I realised the one outstanding part about Hamish is his tenacity.

Hamish was conceived on my first ovulation after having Jack, completely unplanned and we thought fairly impossible. The more I think about it the more I realise what that means. He was without a doubt meant to be here on his terms, in his time. Again I say that I am totally biased and will lay that on the table but I think that Hamish is here with a purpose, I don't know what it is but I'm starting to think that he might just save the world.

Remember the movie Bill and Teds excellent adventure? Well in the movie two pretty normal guys get a visit from someone from the future to help them complete a history report so that they could both graduate and form the band Wyld Stallyns. The reason for this is that the music that the band create ends up saving the world. I know, your wondering where I'm going with this, I don't really think that Hamish 'will' save the world although its totally possible but I often wonder if he was given this tenacity for a purpose.

There is no doubt that when he uses his tenacity for good (instead of evil) he is able to accomplish amazing things, and i think that this will be part of the path his life will take. Maybe he will write a song that will touch someone, maybe he will cure cancer or maybe he will help someone in need and that will butterfly effect its way across the globe ....... and potentially save the world. I don't know but I'm sure his tenacity will be the thing in his life that shapes who he is the most.

By the way some other amazing things about Hamish are;
- he is totally quirky, watching his stinky bottom dance is one of the highlights of my life.
- he also has a wonderful heart and shows it every day in his actions especially towards his dad and i.
- its amazing and awe inspiring how people are drawn to him, they often seem enchanted with him. (actually that will also help him in his quest to save the world)

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