Sunday, 27 June 2010

Conversations with Kids.

I have had two funny conversations about love, procreation and girls with my kids in the last two days.

After watching two people kissing on the TV.

Hamish: Yuck! I'm not ever going to kiss a girl.  That's yucky.
Me: Why is that yucky baby?
H: Cause kissing girls is yucky.
(I didn't ask if kissing boys was yucky as well)

and then last night while Jack and I were having a bath.

Me: Honey do you think that one day you will get married?
Jack: Nup when I get older I'm going to live on my own.
(thinks for a second)
J: Actually maybe I'll have a dog ... or a cat ... or maybe a fish.

So apparently if I was one of those women who got excited about grandkids I'd be very disappointed.

(Photos by Hamish)

1 comment:

Jo said...

Really fantastic photos! I think you've got a future photographer there Leigh x

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