Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Small Things #2 - Finding Old Clothes You've Forgotten About.

It's midwinter. You feel like you have worn your winter wardrobe to death already  and have figured out every possible combo of skirt, pant, shirt and jumper. To get over the monotony you've even accessorised with every belt, scarf and piece of jewellery you can find. Still you feel like you walk out of the house every morning looking the same.

You are intensely aware of the holes left in last years winter wardrobe (figuratively and literally). You think about buying a few pieces to get you through the last weeks/months of winter. Unfortunately most of the stores are already bringing in their summer range and all that is left of winter stock are the awful bits no one wants.

Its starts to rain. And you get further and further behind in the washing. Finally one morning as your rushing to get ready you realise that finally the lack of washing has caught up with you and you have nothing to wear.

You start rummaging through the bottoms of your draws looking for anything you can wear. You notice that there is a few things that have made it to the deepest darkest depths of your draws that haven't seen the light of day since last winter. You hold up a shirt looking for tears, stains or anything that means you can't wear it in public.

Its perfect! You try it on and it still fits. It feels like an old friend and suddenly you have a new (old) item that once added to your current pants, shirts, skirts and jumpers means you have 5 new outfit combinations.

No need to shop, or wash. The god of hidden things has provided.


funkylamb said...

Did you install a camera when you came over the other night? This is my current life to a tee. Add pregnancy to the mix and you're an individual who has been wearing the same thing for two weeks and only kinda believing that no one has noticed...

Wondering Willow said...

The good part about being pregnant is that no one is looking at your clothes. They are all looking at your gorgeous belly and how big your butt has gotten .... hang on Im not saying your butt is big .... *back peddle back peddle* I meant generally ... :)

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