Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Luxury in the Midst of Simplicity


Its a funny thing that the day I decide to start Small Things Month is the same day that two of my wonderful friends and I decided to go out for a really decadent lunch.   After much thinking and debating we decided to go to Neil Perry's new restaurant 'Spice Temple'.  

Its the sort of place where one could never really get accustomed to eating.  Everything so beautiful in presentation, taste and smell.  We shared two mains and a side dish.  I think if we could have we would have licked the plate.  

To add to the decadence we decided to have a cocktail each.  I can honestly say that the cocktail I chose was the most amazing flavour I have ever had the pleasure of eating or drinking.

And of course we shared a desert, perhaps not the most amazing desert we have ever had but the perfect way to end a feast.  So it is the small things that make most days wonderful.  But somedays its something  not so small at all.

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