Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Do You Vagazzle?

As you all know I can't go past a new vagina fad without posting.  

Forget yoni prints or labia colouring.  The new 'thing' these days is apparently Vagazzling. This is where you get a brazillian wax then you use glue and stick Swarovski crystals to your bare flesh to make your pubic area pretty.  Or to quote up Jennifer Love Hewitt "Swarovski-crystalled my precious lady," she said. "It shined like a disco ball".

I know, your all asking 'where can I get me some of those crystals?' No, hang on sorry. (hopfully) You'll be asking 'Why' just like I am.

Oh and is it just me or does everyone else want to slap JLH around until she stops calling her vagina her 'precious lady'!! Seriously, that sounds so creepy.


Catriona said...

Does it count if I want to slap JLH around until she realises that 'shine' is an irregular verb and the past participle is 'shone' not 'shined'?

Wondering Willow said...

As long as your slapping her its fine by me :) I have never mentioned how much I love you for never pointing out the atrocious spelling and punctuation on my blog. I can only imagine how hard that must be ... I can see your face twitching from here :)

Jo said...

Hey Leigh, just read this post, got to say it annoys me to hear about fads like this. Is it just me or is it freaky to painfully rip out all the hair then redecorate? Then I read that "noone under 30 has pubes" and it's old fashioned to have them. what the? What are we teaching girls, that their bodies are not OK? Grr, just makes me mad. And do these people have nothing else to spend their time doing??? Ok, rant over, sorry about that :-)

Wondering Willow said...

Oh Jo, Yes I feel exactly the same way. And then as the mother of two boys I also wonder how we teach them that normal hairy/average weight/unpreened women are desirable. Its all a bit terrifyling really.

HyunChard said...

Oh my, I won't waste time redecorating. I've spent a lot for my brazilian bikini waxing so I'll live to it.

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