Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Pushme Pullme

We all have those weeks where things seems to get away from you. Mine is this week. Nothing is actually bad but it is taking all my effort to keep our world in balance.

If AB was home he would probably blame my hormones. I'm blaming it on him not being home. (We may both be right)

Up - AB is away during preschool/school days which means I have the time during the day to sort things out.

Down - because AB is away during school/preschool days so I have to be more motivated and organised so as to get out of the house in time for school to start.

Up - I finally got around to watching 'Torchwood - Children of Earth Again'.

Down - The kids walked in at one point and saw the kids on TV all standing pointing and saying "we are here". They then thought it was hilarious to freak mummy out by copying. And for the rest of the day on occasion they would both walk into the room suddenly stare into space and do it again.  (Actually that one is kind of an up but at first it totally freaked me out)

Up - The kids are sleeping well while AB is away.

Down - I hurt my neck and so I am not sleeping well. And my Osteopath is apparently not taking appointments until the end of August so I need to find someone new.
Up - I got tickets to see both Neil Gaiman and Kevin Smith in early August. (Massive Ups!!!)

Up - A gorgeous friend has been bringing me food for dinner while AB is away.

Up - Andrew motorbike arrived today.

Down - Its massive and will be taking up far more space than I realised.  Really its massive. I should have really thought about that as I was telling him he had to buy a bike :)

So it is much fuller of ups than downs and I plan on keeping it that way. But boy O boy I think I have my work cut out for me.

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funkylamb said...

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