Sunday, 27 June 2010

Small Things #6 - Rearranging Furniture

Sometimes when I'm sitting at home I feel incredibly frustrated. Mostly I don't notice the holes in the ceiling or the gaps under the skirting board. But sometimes they are all I notice. When this happens I tend to clean.  But spmetimes even after hours of scrubbing, I can still see them.

When this happens I rearrange the furniture. Not so that they are hiding the holes. But so that my perspective is changed.

When was the last time you changed your perspective?

Today was bedroom frustration day for me.  I had a few pieces that were being stored upstairs and I finally moved them downstairs and I moved our mantel piece back inside off the porch.  It was out there waiting to be fixed and to strip off the old paint to get rid of the shabby chic look.  It's four years on the porch have actually accentuated the shabby chic feel.  But they say a change is a good as a holiday. In this case I think they are absolutely right.

Edited to thank Treen, for the correction to my chic V Sheik :) xx

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