Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Small Things #1 - A New Bar of Soap

You know the feeling. The last few days as you have gone to wash your hands you are fumbling with a sliver of soap. To big to throw away but to small to effectively work it into a good lather. The dirt ground into the cracks that have formed as it dries out. And you wonder, am I actually any cleaner than when I started?

Then suddenly one day, the sliver starts to disintegrate in your hands.  As the last few pieces that seemed to be held together by some super strength molecules finally gives up the ghost.  You watch them as they circle the drain before finally plunging into oblivion. 

And you get to start a new bar. 

You open the box and see this perfectly formed oval. Pure and clean. You wet it and after barely rubbing your hands together they are full of a luxurious lather. You rinse and put it in its rightful place and all feels a little better (and cleaner) with the world.

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