Saturday, 5 June 2010

Strange finds on the Web

There are some things on the web that are just to great not to share. This is the latest one that I have found. Seeing its been years since I have watched He-Man and almost as long since I have listened to Four Non Blondes this is a queer trip down memory lane.

Plus once again this shows what people can accomplish when they have to much time on their hands.

(It starts slow, but give it a moment)


Jo said...

Love the new banner Leigh, is that a dye batch of yours? Great colour. And thanks for stopping by my blog - I can't seem to work out how to reply to a comment on Blogger but I posted you a reply there anyway x

Wondering Willow said...

Thanks Jo. Yep its an photo of a dye job I did last year. If you find a way to reply let me know because I don't know how to do that either :) xx

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