Thursday, 24 June 2010

Small Things #3 - Photo Booth Photos

In shopping centres everywhere there are photo booths. They are hidden in the wings that no one goes to. Near the $2 shop or behind the sew your name on a t-towel booth. You hardly notice it. Its like it doesn't want you to find it.

Once a year or so when you are out and about, a photo booth may catch your eye. It won't be a special day. Your hair won't be done. You won't have shaved. The kids will probably have food all over their faces.

You see the photo booth and you have a sudden urge to jump in. Like a mini full of clowns you all cram in trying to find a spot where everyones face can be seen in the little mirror. Someone reaches into their pocket and through the tangle of limbs put the money in the slot.

Your all laughing and complaining about the fact that someones knee is digging into your side and someone else is leaning on your hair. The red light starts to flash and you turn to ask "was that it?" FLASH

You stare at the panel sure that this time you'll all be looking at the screen. Then the person at the bottom of the pile falls of the stool. FLASH

You pile back on and decide that this time your going to be kissing someone. You pucker up and hold and hold and hold ... You get the giggles. FLASH

And that's it. You all entwine yourselves from your twister poses and start to get out. FLASH ... Bugger

Then there is the 5 minute wait. You stand at the side of the booth as excited as a kid on Christmas morning. Waiting for your strip of photos to appear in the slot.

Finally!! And yes 1/2 of the photos are missing peoples heads and the other 1/2 no ones looking at the camera and in all of them someone is pulling a funny face.  But in spite of it all, they are fabulous.


Catriona said...

I have never ever had my photo taken in a photo booth.

Wondering Willow said...

Next time ... You and me !!! its complete fun :)

Catriona said...

Except that I look like a toad in photographs. But if you let me put my hair down, I might be persuadable.

Wondering Willow said...

You do not look like a toad. But just in case remember who your getting in the photo with ... somehow in the 5 years we have been getting these photos I manage (everytime) to block out everyone elses head with my goofy faces :)

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